Mother Toddlers

If you're looking for a family friendly, safe and welcoming place to bring babies & toddlers, come along to Little ME.
A Parent toddler program is a specially designed program to help toddlers prepare for ‘Pre-Schooler’ phase. A series of sessions spread over weeks, to make sure kids feel confident enough to be able to face preschool without the comfort of having a known face around.

  1. Parents get the opportunity to bond with their child in a conducive environment. Even if parents do spend quality time with their child at home, the affect an external environment would have, not necessarily only structured programs, but also outings etc. are very different from the known settings at home where there are high chances of focused being shifted from the child to other things.
  2. Parents get a chance to be part of initial learning journey of their child. Going forward it gives an assurance to child that parents are invested in their growth, development & learning.
  3. These programs gives kids an opportunity to explore all different variety of specially designed learning / educational toys & play material which otherwise they might not get chance to access all at one place.
  4. Parents get to meet a lot of like-minded parents going through the same phase in life as themselves. This gives them a chance to discuss out issues with experts & other parents to get solutions of child related issues if any.
  5. It encourages kids to involve in collaborative play, develop a value of sharing & caring and also imbibes the importance of schedules & discipline in kids.
  6. These programs help in emotional, physical, intellectual, social & creative development of the baby. In simpler terms, it helps kids to be more independent, develop imaginative thinking, develop motor & hand-eye co-ordination skills etc.
  7. Lastly, and most importantly, Parent Toddler programs ensure a smooth transitioning to Pre-schools, thus taking a lot of emotional stress away from both the children & parents.


Little Me preschool & Activity center will provide a warm, loving environment in which children can learn and grow. We will reach out to the community to be inclusive, non-judgmental and accepting. The staff within our Pre-Schools is all caring and kind. The staffs are always friendly and approachable. We will support our parents with Doctor’s advice, information and excellent care of their children. We will help children to learn and live by the principles of honesty, compassion, fairness, peace and love.

Pre-school will be a new experience for your child. We want your child to feel happy and safe at pre-school and for the transition from home to pre-school to be an easy one. To make sure that this is the case, the staff will work with you to decide on how to help your child to settle into the pre-school.

We encourage you to make visits to the setting with your child before he/she starts so that they can become familiar with the surroundings.

When your child starts pre-school, it may seem strange to begin with, and they may feel upset or anxious. Once you have settled them at an activity or with a member or staff explain that you will leave them and that you will come back later. Your child should soon settle into the routine, but we will always telephone you if there are any problems. You are also very welcome to ring us if you feel concerned once you return home.


Our Teaching methodology is based on Activities. This methodology brings about an all-round development. This covers the different areas of development. Every day we Plan some activity for kids. They construct their own knowledge or working models while they actively engage in their environment and through repeated interactions with people and materials. This simply means that children touch, taste, shake things etc. to find out what happens and learn about things in these activities. Children are curious and eager to learn. They have an inherent need to make sense of their experiences and learn about the world around them.

Play is central to the child’s well-being and development Children’s spontaneous play provides opportunities for exploration, experimentation, manipulation and problem solving that are essential for constructing knowledge. Play Contributes to the development of representational thought. Play should be process oriented and not product oriented. We provide such a play and activities so child can learn by doing it.